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Satopanth and Swargrohini trek

The Glacial Lake which is around 25kms from Badrinath, could be reached after a arduous trek crossing Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha. Natural Caves along the path are used as the night shelter. Around Badrinath places like Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha are steeped in legends.It is said that goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth)and her husband Narayan meditated in Lakshmiban and Chakratirtha respectively and while meditating, Narayan kept his famous Sudarshan Chraka on the valley which got depressed by the weight of that Chakra to form a beautiful round shaped meadow surrounded by lofty mountains.

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For many years, Roopkund, the beautiful and mysterious lake has held the attention of trekkers not only because of the enchanting landscape surrounding it but also because of the presence of several bones and skeletons that can be seen in its waters. For years no one could figure out what had happened. The mystery has finally been solved by an international team which found out that around 850 AD, a group of pilgrims faced an unusually severe hailstorm which caused hundreds to die.

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Baidini Bugyal

Baidini Bugyal (High altitude grass, meadow) is one of the finest meadow in India. This has got to be one of the most romantic spots in the Himalayas - acres and acres of meadow scooped out of lush mountain scape, a steep ridge arching up into the dusk, and above it, the enormous western flank of Trishul. One of the larger Bugyal (meadow) in Uttarakhand, Bedni is also a major way-station on the Nanda Raj Jaat Yatra, a ritual procession held every 12 years.

Valley of flower & Hemkunt Sahib

A chanced discovery on a lost path made by British traveller Frank Smith in 1931 resulted in the world welcoming the enchanting Valley Of Flowers. His book by the same name created a stir among nature lovers, making the Valley Of Flowers Trekking one of the most sought after since then.
Perched gracefully under the watchful eyes of the towering Himalayan peaks protecting the tranquil environs, the valley is situated at an altitude of 3,858m.

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AadiKailash & Om Parvat

Adi Kailash (4770 M) also known as Chhota Kailash is an area of great natural beauty, peace and serenity. It lies on the main route that is followed for kailash manassarovar yatra. Adi Kailash is an ancient holy place in the Himalayan Range, close to the Indo-Tibetan border. This journey takes the mind and soul into the heartland of awe-inspiring natural beauty and splendor.

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