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Through safe travel and trekking in the mountains, our aim is to create unforgettable experiences and make your dreams come true. Our field staff is environmentally conscious and responsible - we take only photographs and leave behind nothing but Footprints! Our business philosophy is to be progressive by exploring the lesser known areas and the virgin trails of the mountains and catering to special needs of our customers by working hard in every possible way.

The Indian traveller is clearly becoming a more sophisticated traveller. They travel more, have seen more of the world and expect the same professionalism in the travel industry as they see in the best examples abroad. They have also become specific in what they are look for. Whether it’s looking for outdoors and away from the hustle and bustle or city slicking and shopping - they want what they want – and exactly that. Why? Because they can have it. And they want no less.

The fact is that we haven’t only learnt how travel is important for ourselves but how it has the potential for changing the world. If everyone in the world travels, there will be so much more understanding (by 2020 an estimated 1.5 billion people will be out of their homes checking out other lands and cultures).

What a great thing to instill in our children and family and friends. But in order for travel to really impact us we need to evaluate how we travel. For if we travel irresponsibly then the whole idea of travelling is undone.
So, we need to be aware of our impact on not just ourselves – but our impact on the environment. And environment as a whole. Which means the earth and all who live in it. So starting with nature and the environment to local environment to cultures and economies.
ROCK FACE adventure has been committed to Responsible Travel right from its inception. We also adhere to the principles of “Leave No Trace” in all our trips and almost 100% of our leaders, guides and staff are locals from the region they serve.

If you need a reason as to why you should choose ROCK FACE adventure we have a few compelling reasons why:

Our team & wealth of Himalayan experience. We are a group of about 100 people mostly from different villages in the Indian Himalayas. Love & respect for mountains and a genuine liking for anything adventurous is the common thread binding us. Our instructors and guides are trained from reputed mountain schools and have a minimum 4-5 years of experience.

Super Pricing. Due to a big in house team of instructors & our own equipment we are able to sell our trips at very attractive prices. Apart from having a very competitive price matrix our pricing is in INR and does not change for anyone, anywhere in the world. A ROCK FACE adventure has a policy of transparency with regards to its pricing and prices are clearly mentioned with inclusions/exclusions. There are no hidden costs.

Our Infrastructure. Our team is ably backed by our infrastructure to ensure great delivery. We have a big fleet of rafts, support vehicles, imported cycles, best quality camping & climbing equipment & offices to help you plan and book your trips.

Strong believer of Responsible Tourism. Being from the mountains we realise the dangers of high impact tourism on our ecology and try to run our trips in the most eco friendly manner.

our team

Mr. Balbir Singh Burfal(Guide)

They say it takes the Man out of a Human to conquer a mountain, yet in the end its not the mountain that he conquers but himself.

Dr. Dayal Singh Burfal (Advisor)

An alumni of Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute, Sikkim where he accomplished his training in the Basic and Advance mountaineering course

Sandeep Barfal

The one who is bestowed with the legacy of adventurous spirit from Dr. Dayal Singh and Mr. Balbir Singh, Son of the former and Nephew of the latter.


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