Bhagini Glacier

If you are a big adventure freak and haven’t explored Bagini Glacier till now then definitely you are missing out something very amazing in your life. Just pack your bags immediately and head trekking towards Bhagini Glacier. Bagini Glacier is located in Uttrakhand with a maximum altitude of 14816 ft.
Trekking to Bhagini Glacier requires 8 days. First day you need to drive towards Joshimath which is approx 256 km from Haridwar. Second day initially you will drive towards Jumma which is approx 44 km or an hour ride from Joshimath. From Jumma village the actual trek will start towards Ruing Village (2800 Mtr). In Jumma you will feel brutal wind as it lies near the Tibetan Border.

Nanda Devi east Base Camp Trek

The Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek in the Garhwal Himalayas of India is a unique geographical feature. A ring of peaks connected by massive rock walls which dip no lower than 17,000ft/ 5200 metres forming an impenetrable santuary. The only exception is the point where the river Rishi Ganga which drains this great basin emerges to the west in one of the most spectacular gorges in the world.In this wall of mountains consists of at least twelve peaks over 21,500 ft/ 6500 metres including several famous names such as Changabang and Dunagiri to the North and Trishuli and Nanda Kot to the West and South.

Kalandi khal Trek

A challenging Kalindi khal trek nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, feel a rush of adrenaline in your blood as you scale right up to a Himalayan pass 6000m high. Not just that, this mesmeric place is a spiritual haven decorated by gorgeous mountains and the grandeur of nature. Kalindikhal trekking expedition starts from Gangotri banked beside the Ganga waters. After seeking the Gangotri goddess’s blessing start off on your journey to Gaumukh, the birth point of the holy Ganges River. Get enchanted by the grasslands at Tapovan and mesmerized by several rivulets and peaks of Shivling, Bhagirathi and Meru.

Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal is one of those rare treks in India that can be done in winter. Most winter treks have either too much snow or too little. Brahmatal has the right amount to make trekking adventurous and exciting. The bonus of the superb forests and grand views is something trekkers must take full advantage of.
As a footnote, in winter, when snow falls on the upper reaches of Uttarakhand, the remote lake of Brahmatal turns into paradise. From the lake, which incidentally is frozen, all round in every direction are the mighty Himalayan ranges. Summits that rise above 7,000 meters are common. Trekkers do not realise that no where else in our country can you see these big mountains so close.

Choptatungnath Chandrashila trek

For the mountain lover, the winters are a great time to be travelling in the Himalayas because of the clear views and sunny days. This winter trek gives you the opportunity to scale a small trekking peak in the Garhwal Himalayas, Chandrashila peak (4000m). On the trek you pass through undulating grass meadows in summer, but in winters this terrain forms the perfect base for a snow trek with undulating meadows of snow. With the close proximity of this trek to the roadhead, the trek is iodeal for beginners wanting to experience the joys of snow trekking in a safe and relatively comfortable manner.

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Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek is a long trek through some of the biggest alpine meadows in the Himalayan lap. Trek to Dayara Bugyal gives an amazing paranomic view of the greater Himalayan range. Situated at an altitude of more than 3048m above sea level, the Dayara trek turns into a perfect ground for a perfect class-A skiing, during the winter. Snow trek till Dayara Bugyal takes you through endless lush green meadows, which run parallel to the gigantic peaks of Garhwal Himalayas. En-route you will hike to an alpine lake near Barnala Bugyal.

Harki Doon Trek

There are endless lush meadows, wild alpine flower gardens, scraggy mountains, towering snow-capped peaks, glaciers and gushing streams & waterfalls that seem to spring from nowhere. The valley also has a very interesting and culture, very different from any other region around.
Our guides ensure that we get a very up close experience of this culture as this is one of the highlights of this trek.We have made a change in the traditional Har-ki-Dun itinerary by adding another stage which takes you to the high altitude Jaundhar Bamak (glacier).

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Nag Tibba Trek

This is a probably the finest weekend trek around Delhi and NCR if you want to experience snow and sub zero temperatures. The camping experience in the snow and walking up to the top of this mountain are the main attraction of this venture. There are beautiful meadows and thick jungles along the trail offering numerous scenic camping locations. The climbing gradient while going up is moderate with a few steep patches in between making this trek suitable for all including enterprising and moderately adventurous families. At Nagtibba top you will have the whole place covered in thick sheet of snow, just for yourself with just an odd Gujjar/shepherd sharing the magnificent views with you.

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Binsar Trek

Binsar is one of the most famous picturesque place in the Kumaon .It is an acclaimed hill resort in Kumaon Himalays.The main attraction of Binsar is the picturesque view of the Himalayan mountain range ,which is stretched in 300 Kms.,of famous peaks such as Nanda Devi,Nanda Kot, Panchchuoli, Kedarnath,Trishuli and Chaukhamba. Binsar is surrounded by the alpine flora ,ferns ,hanging moss and species of wild flowers as well as the forest where oak and rhododendron are found everywhere.

Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base camp

The twin peaks of Nanda devi and Nanda devi east(7,434 m) exude an aura unsurpassed by any mountain in the Indian Himalayas. Lying entirely within Indian borders Nanda Devi is just short of being an 8 thousander, but that has not been an impediment to its grandeur nor it has been a stumbling block in its reverence. Climbed first in 1937 by legendary climber and explorer Major Harold William Bill Tillman better known as H.W Tilman and famed Noel Odell, (Noel was the last first person to see Mallory and Irvine supposedly climbing the Second step on Mount Everest on 8th June 1924) its tryst with exploration goes back to 1930s when a number to expeditions repeatedly failed to reach even its base.

Panchachuli Base Camp

Panchachuli Base Camp is one of the exciting base camps that set out its marquee in a 40-kilometer trek starting from Dar to Panchachuli Glacier. Nestling snugly in the lap of the snow capped peaks of Panchachuli, the Darma valley in Pithoragarh district is endowed with abundant scenic grandeur, The route to the glacier is abound in a splendid combination of enthralling scenery, snowcapped mountains, gushing streams, Alpine meadows and a rich variety of flora & fauna . Situated in Eastern Kumaon Himalaya, the trekking route forms the watershed between the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys. People come to view the ethereal beauty of the nature, reasons don’t hold much importance, as the Himalayas foothills are just the perfect alternative to experience adventure.

Chadar Trek

Dwelling in the heart of Himalayan peaks in Ladakh, is the mountain desert kingdom that is a visual treat for all travellers, national and international. The Chadar trek, which is done on the frozen river of Zanskar, is looked upon as an adventure seekers paradise. Trek to chadar is every traveller’s dream, and rightly so because the lunar landscape and endless skies overhead makes trekking at chadar memorable, but they also challenge the skill and endurance of trekkers. The beauty is even more surreal as one moves ahead and so, this is one of the most celebrated and exquisite trek of the region. Walk on a frozen river bed, live in caves along the way and fight the twin difficulties of cold and altitude makes it adventurous. The Chadar Trek is without doubt one of the best treks for all adventure lovers.

Kak Bhusandi trek

Kak Bhushandi Tal is a sacred lake at an altutude of 4730 m, near Kankul Pass (4960 m), in the high Himalayan region of Uttarakhand in INDIA. This is a small oblong lake (Almost 1 Kilometer in Length) cradled at the bottom of Hathi Parvat is an explosion of technicolour. Its water are striking emrald green and its banks are overrun by blooms in various shades- pink, mauve, orange, purples, periwinkle blue, crimson, ochre, rust and greens. Myriad blossoms decorate its banks during the season, a wildest profusion of colours make the trekker forget the hardships and the exhaustion of the trek. The area comes under the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, a UN world heritage site for natural diversity.

Nitivalley – Last Indo Tibet border trek

This village is the last village of Niti valley and is located at Indo -Tibet Border. The Nanda Devi temple and Mahadev (God Shiva) are the two most beautiful attractions of the village. The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains, Nanda Devi temple and MahadevTemple (Natural Temple of God Shiva) and river Dhauli Ganga flowing down from Tibet. The inhabitants of this village belong to Kauriya and Bhimtala villages in the lower range of Himalayas.

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